500 yuan bought leather jacket leather material cost up to 100 yuan
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HC leather Reuters Mr. Chan's leather jacket, bought last year in Xiaoshan once fairs on the original price more than 1600 yuan, to the trade fair last day, businesses big sale, and finally sold for more than 500 blocks. Clothes label clearly indicate that the composition of the fabric is an Italian sheep skin.

"I'm taking a closer look, the pattern looks very real can get home, my wife has insisted fake leather."

Mr. Chen quietly apart lined back layer of cloth, more found themselves taken the bait.

Well, Mr. Chen's jacket, in the end with leather or synthetic leather to do it? Leather imitation leather How to tell? Imitation leather is necessarily inferior products? The "curious laboratory to explore those half-truths of the leather industry.

More than 500 yuan bought a leather jacket

A leather material costs of up to 100 yuan

Curious laboratory "Mr. Chen's leather jacket, brought the Haining Jie sent Fur Fashion Co., Ltd., to help identify what people in the industry.

Jie sent fur Purchasing Manager Yang Bo, leather products on the market, from the materials can be divided into three types -

The first leather, raw materials to do is to use the entire natural animal skins, after made of tanning, dyeing and other processes. It is characterized by a warm and permeability are better, looks very texture, high-end luxury.

"The second is a composite skin, also known as recycled leather scrap generated in the use of leather machining process, recycled crushed, and then artificially made. Broadly speaking, it can be considered the dermis, but also a certain degree of permeability, but Quality varies greatly.

"The third is a synthetic leather, which is usually we say 'imitation leather', it is by chemical methods to simulate the structure of the natural leather, a product made completely artificial, that white is a plastic."

touched Mr. Chen fabric, leather jacket, quickly came to the conclusion: "PU leather is a kind of synthetic leather."

Leather products cost disparity. "Yang said with the dermis a fall jacket, light cost necessary from 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan; PU leather, synthetic leather take up to 100 yuan, or even tens of dollars is enough; synthetic leather composite skin also about doubled.

Fire false consciousness do not fly
Tips: touch feel smell it to see leather material

Yang said, the tanning process is more and more advanced, imitation leather can do almost the real ones, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish, but also tips, found the distinction, summed up as "a look at two touch, three smell. "

"See" buy leather, you can take a closer look at the neckline, armpits, inside the placket inconspicuous position, because of cost considerations, manufacturers often in these places to spend some belly sac skin.
Yang said, the capsule skin is relatively inexpensive, and relatively soft belly, and the lines are not as good distinction.

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